'Parks and Recreation's Jim O'Heir Is Secretly a Total Jerk - Bustle

It looks like Jerry-Garry-Larry Gengurch-Gergich has finally had enough with his submissive and klutzy reputation, and he's ready to show the world who he really is. Well, at least Jim O'Heir, the actor who plays the laughable loaf on NBC's Parks and Recreation, is prepared to show his true colors (kind of). O'Heir paid a visit to J. Claude Deering's Funny or Die web series, Things Are Going Great For Me, and, well, he had a little fun with his jerk-ish side. The thing is, we're almost 100 percent positive that O'Heir isn't anything like the snobby or rude persona he gives off in the video. (There's no way that the man who plays Larry Gergich can have a bad bone in his body.)

Matthew Carlinpress